Company Profile

About SkyHigh Memory Solution (SHM)

SkyHigh Memory is a technology leader that designs, develops, and markets high performance non-volatile Flash
Memory products for the following key markets: (i) automotive, (ii) communications, (iii) digital consumer, and (iv)
industrial and medical.
In 2018, in the peak of tightness in the market, SK Hynix and Cypress have recognized that customers have been
victim to opportunistic behavior in the market. Customers deserves the highest quality product and the world class
services without being penalized by the lack of access to SLC NAND products. That is why, in 2019, Cypress and
SK Hynix have jointly agreed to fund SkyHigh memory. SkyHigh is committed to provide unparallel quality product
and services to our customers and large supply.
In less than 6 months from its creation, SkyHigh will be introducing new SLC NAND and e.MMC products on the most
advanced technology node as commitment to offer cost reduction and product longevity to our customers.
For more information about these new products, please contact sales.
SkyHigh strength lies on its strong foundry and manufacturing partners and its employees. Its team of engineers and
sales is highly knowledgeable and is worldwide recognized for its commitment to provide the best in class product and
best services. From 2012, when SkyHigh’s SLC NAND product families were launched under Spansion banner, the team
has sold over 200M devices to leading customers in each of its target markets.
Some key elements of Skyhigh Memory strategy to become the leader for high reliable and performance storage
solution are based on:

For more information about SkyHigh Memory and our products, please contact your local sales representative.

SkyHigh Memory’s Milestones

Since beginning development of NAND Flash Memory in 2003, SK hynix has become a top 5 supplier with over 10%
share of the nearly $60 billion market in 2018.
SK hynix has provided SLC NAND to Cypress through a long-term supply agreement from 2012 to 2018.
SK hynix system ic, 100% subsidiary of SK hynix, entered into a joint venture agreement with Cypress Semiconductor
Corp. in October 2018.
Official launch of SkyHigh Memory took place on April 1, 2019. Since then, SkyHigh Memory supplies its high
performance, non-volatile Flash Memory products to customers worldwide.


Gihyun Bae CEO
Gihyun Bae is president and chief executive officer at SkyHigh Memory. During execution of SkyHigh Memory JV, Mr. Bae was a key member of JV management team to provide proactive support and supervise all processes and appointed as CEO since the Day of 1 of SkyHigh Memory.
Mr. Bae has over 30 years of extensive business experience in memory technology development and product engineering. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, Mr. Bae led a whole NAND flash memory development division at SK Hynix as Senior Vice President and contributed to generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue. He had led strategic co-development partnership with STMicroelectronics from scratch of NAND development since 2001 and played a key role in building strategic NAND business partnerships with key OEM customers at SK Hynix. Mr. Bae has continued serving as an executive consultant for memory storage business sector and strategic business development at other SK group affiliates.
Mr. Bae has received Prime Minister’s award from Korea Semiconductor Industry Association for his achievements in NAND technology development at SK Hynix. He holds a BS of EE from Kyungbuk National University.
JS Yang is executive vice president of Engineering and Manufacturing and chief technology officer at SkyHigh Memory. Mr. Yang joined the company on January 1st of 2020, and brings 30 plus years of experience in NAND product and solution development from SK hynix.
Mr. Yang had been involved in early stages of NAND business development and as part of the NAND business development division he has worked with Mr. Bae for several years . As vice president at SK hynix, he had contributed to NAND design and product engineering and solution firmware development etc.
Mr. Yang has demonstrated excellence in building a reliable technology partnership with major tech companies such as Apple, Samsung Electronics, and Huawei and delivering most satisfying level of their NAND product performance and solution technology optimization. Through the past experiences he has become an expert in understanding the essence of customer’s requirements and apply his skills and knowledge to achieve optimum results in product development. Mr. Yang holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Seoul University and Master degree from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , KAIST.
YS Jung is vice president and chief financial officer at SkyHigh Memory responsible for managing SkyHigh Memory’s global finance operations including strategic planning, accounting, investor relations, tax, and corporate business development. Mr. Jung was actively involved in early stages of JV formation and provided an excellent leadership and support in the successful execution of the JV. He currently serves as chief finance officer at SK Hynix Systemi IC which is the mother company having controlling interest of SkyHigh Memory. Mr. Jung worked at SK Hynix and its subsidiary companies during over 20 years having his career mostly in areas of finance and accounting, corporate strategy and strategic alliance to pursue company’s aggressive growth of SK Hynix. Throughout his over 20-year career in strategy and financial areas of semiconductor industry, Mr. Jung has established a reputation for aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and high-growth. Mr. Jung holds an MBA from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and a Bachelor of Finance and Accounting.
DK Yoon Sales Planning & Operations VP
DK Yoon is vice president of Sales Planning and Operations Division and responsible for Corporate business planning, Supply chain management, and internal sales support. Mr. Yoon has over 28 years of experience in the memory industry. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, he spent most of his career in various management roles in sales, marketing and operations at SKhynix in Korea, Europe, South-East Asia and China. Mr. Yoon has a lot of experience and understanding of the memory market and applications in IT industries, he always strives to meet customers’ expectation through the best supply chain management and support the company through effective cost management.
Harrison Chung Global Sales VP
Harrison Chung is vice president of Global Sales and brings 20 plus years of global business development, sales experience and broad understanding of different cultures to SkyHigh Memory. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, Mr. Chung worked at SK Hynix in the sales and marketing areas covering up all the regions across the world from Korea Domestic market and Americas. Mr. Chung also served as expatriate in Taiwan and Germany. Through past sales experiences, Mr. Chung has developed a good and proficient knowledge and proven record of excellent customer service by effectively managing and organizing the customers’ requirements and building a great reputation and achieve customers’ high satisfaction level which led him to winning many corporate awards such as the SK Hynix President’s Sales Performance award.
James Tsang APAC Sales GM
James Tsang is APAC General Sales Manager bringing 20 plus years of experience in business management, marketing, and sales in the semiconductor industry with a focus on the NOR and NAND Flash memory products. Before joining SkyHigh Memory, Mr. Tsang was the Sales Director at Cypress Semiconductor responsible for Flash business in the Asia Pacific region. With his multicultural background, he spent most of his career at AMD/Spansion having a range of roles from product marketing engineer to business marketing director. He had worked out of Silicon Valley and Taipei. At Spansion, Mr. Tsang developed the Flash memory business from the first customer engagement to over $500M product revenue annually in the Greater China mobile segment. He has an engineering degree and an MBA degree.
Choonyub (CY) Choi Europe Sales GM
CY Choi is the General Sales Manager for EMEA market and brining 30 plus years of extensive international sales and business development experience in technology industry to the company. Before joining SkyHigh Memory, he served as VP of worldwide Sales and Managing Director at SK Hynix and spent a half of his career in Europe. He mainly leaded Memory Products Sales and developed a comprehensive understanding on the memory market and the customer needs, and has always listened to the customers to provide the best customers satisfactions.
Mike Malzenski Americas Sales GM
Mike Malzenski is the General Manager for Americas Sales. Through his 30 plus years of sales experience, Mr. Malzenski has been able to quickly engage with SkyHigh Memory’s strategic customers, distribution partners, and geographic territories based on his extensive relationships and sales management history with Advanced Micro Devices and Spansion Semiconductor. His background in memory sales to the embedded market has also been an asset. Mr. Malzenski has had various roles in Silicon Valley, Boston, Florida and Chicago including Director of Sales for Embedded and Strategic accounts. Mr. Malzenski holds a BS of EE from the University of Massachusetts.
Joshua Min Korea/Japan Sales Director
Joshua Min(Min Yohan) is the Director for Korea/Japan sales team. Mr. Min has 15+ years of extensive development and sales experience in various memory products especially in SLC/eMMC/eMCP/DRAM memory products. He has developed excellent sales tactics and skills in global market by demonstrating technical support and management and identifying customer requirements for Value-added design Win based on broad key customer relationship and knowledge on cutting edge technology. He also drives regional sales forces with effective teamwork through conative and uplifted motivation. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, he worked for highly competitive IT companies such as Samsung, Siliconmotion(SMI), Hana Micron.
Takanori Shiga Engineering Director
Takanori Shiga is Director of Engineering for SkyHigh Memory and has over 20 years of experience in a range of engineering roles at major technology companies.
Prior to joining SHM, Mr. Shiga was Product Engineering Director at Cypress Semiconductor and Spansion (prior to the merger with Cypress) where he was responsible for the development and qualification of NAND products. Mr. Shiga was instrumental in developing Spansion’s first automotive grade NAND products. Previously, Mr. Shiga held various engineering roles at Fujitsu where he developed multiple generations of NOR Flash memory.
Mohamed Sardi Product Marketing Director
Mohamed Sardi is Product Marketing Director since SkyHigh Memory’s founding. He is a highly versatile technical marketing and business development leader, bridging technical concepts and business objectives. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, Mr. Sardi was the Senior Staff Product Marketing Engineer, leading all Cypress’s NAND Flash memory product families marketing and engineering activities. Mr. Sardi holds 6 US patents, an executive MBA from Santa Clara University, two Master of Science degrees: a EE and a Telecommunication System degree.
Mohammad Nada Marketing Director – Application Engineering
Mohammad Nada is Principal Application Engineer at SkyHigh Memory where he leads product definition, customer support, and all other Application Engineering responsibilities. joined SkyHigh Memory as an early senior technical member, with over 30 years of engineering, development, and management experience. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, he worked at Cypress Semiconductor. Mr. Nada has more than 15 years of experience in the development of NAND flash and managed NAND controllers. Mr. Nada holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from National University.
Ashish Patel Marketing Director
Ashish Patel is Director of Marketing, brings to SkyHigh Memory 20 years of experience in the memory industry. Until he joined SkyHigh Memory, Mr. Patel has spent most of his career in various management roles in sales, marketing and operations at Spansion and Cypress Semiconductor. Mr. Patel employs his deep understanding of our worldwide customers and applications while relying on his operational excellence to ensure that customer satisfaction is his top priority. Mr. Patel holds a BS of engineering from California Polytechnic State Universiy, San Luis Obispo.
Robert Park Quality Engineering Director
Robert Park is Quality Engineering Director with 20 plus years of extensive experience in quality engineering field and technical marketing. He brings superior quality, reliability and services to customers. Prior to joining SkyHigh Memory, he worked at SK Hynix. Mr. Park understands that business success depends on developing a ‘best-of-bread’ Quality Management System for designed to deliver world-class products, uncompromising service, and total customer satisfaction.